About the Mobility Transport Program

The Mobility Transport Program provides on-campus transportation to students with permanent or temporary mobility limitations. Our job is to empower students to successfully navigate the campus more easily, ensuring they can attend classes, and access campus facilities without hindrance. We transport students using electric carts to and from campus, whether that be from their residence, a campus parking lot, or any location on or near campus. Students that live much farther can be transported with our Van and link up with a cart to get access to the central portion of campus.

The program is funded with the Student Fee Advisory Committee.

Started with a student needing accommodations in 2022, the program has grown to servicing multiple students a day from Isla Vista to the neighborhoods of Goleta.

From one cart seating just a single passenger to now a mini fleet of vehicles.

Hours of Operation

We provide service


Monday-Friday, 7:30am-8pm, through the academic school year.

  • Service is not offered on weekends or holidays.

  • No service during instructional breaks

How to schedule a ride?

All rides are pre-arranged and set into a schedule.

Click here to gain access to the ride request form.

If you are already an approved rider and need additional rides outside of the set schedule, contact the Program Manager to make arrangements.

  • Requests for service must be 24 hrs in advance for us to review and prepare accommodations.
  • Submissions after 3pm will not be processed until 9am the following day.
  • Submissions after 3pm on Friday will not be processed until after 9am on Monday.
  • Update the Program Manager before the end of day, 4:30pm at the latest, if your schedule changes, i.e. dropped class, class canceled, class is online, etc.
  • Wheelchair accessible service is available for both off-campus transportation in our wheelchair accessible van and our wheelchair accessible cart.
Golf Cart


Student Eligibility

  • Current UC Santa Barbara students must provide medical documentation of their limitation to the Program Manager for review and authorization.
  • Once approved, students will be notified of the start date and end date, if applicable.
  • Student Health, DSP, or any medical representative may provide documentation, following the guidelines of Section 504 and Title II.
  • At the end of each quarter, Temporary Mobility Limitations will need to be re-evaluated by a medical professional to continue services for the following quarter.

General Expectations

For students requiring service, after filling out the form provided, giving all pertinent and current information, the Program Manager or Assistant will contact you within 24 hrs informing you of your eligibility and when services will begin.

As a student rider requiring services for mobility transportation on-campus at UCSB, below are the following safety precautions, expectations and terms of agreement for the program. The following agreements are designed to promote the cooperation necessary for ride-share. The driver and rider agree to honor these agreements in good faith.

  • The program must be used for its intended purpose, to safely transport students with temporary or permanent mobility limitations. The program is not structured to be "on-demand" and requires proper scheduling and communication.
  • The schedule [you] provided is correct and up to date. Any schedule changes must be communicated by email or text message to the Program Manager before end of day, 4pm, or immediately first thing in the morning at 8am the day of classes. This goes for classes being switched to online, classes being canceled, dropping class(es), new location, or skipping class due to illness, self-care, or unforeseen incidents. Please communicate these changes with the Program Manager, not your assigned driver.
  • The ETA may change as new riders are added or removed during the quarter. To maintain punctuality, drivers may need to pick up 5-10 min earlier (if riders are added), or reduce the time 5-10 min (if riders are removed). This will be communicated to [you] as close to 24hrs in advance.
  • Drivers will make contact with a minimum of 15-30 min ETA confirmation. Pick up is limited to the agreed times and locations. The cart/van will wait a maximum of TWO MINUTES beyond the agreed time before departing from each stop. Passengers are expected to be prompt so that others are not inconvenienced.
  • If Drivers have not made contact within 15 min of class time and [your] pick up location is off campus, contact the Program Manager immediately by text message or call.
  • For an unscheduled pick-up or drop-off, inform the Program Manager as soon as possible allowing a 30 min time frame for an available driver to be reached. Unscheduled pickups will be accommodated to the best of our ability and must be campus related, i.e. study group, library, work on campus, class project, etc.
  • If available, seat belts must be worn at all times while the cart or van is in motion. Remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. Keep arms and legs inside the vehicle. Once the vehicle has come to a complete stop and is parked, then seat belts may be taken off.
  • All belongings must be secure. Crutches must be stored upright and not across the lap. Make sure to take all of [your] belongings when exiting. A driver will assist in securing [your] belongings and assist getting [you] out of the vehicle if applicable.
  • Approval for Mobility Transport is per quarter. If [your] mobility limitation is not permanent, approval will be based off of a professional medical assessment or DSP for the following quarter. At any point [you] may end [your] need of services during the quarter.
  • Unapproved riders are not allowed. No ride share with friends, roommates, significant others, etc. without prior approval and deemed medically necessary.
  • On campus driving, there may be times, for the safety of pedestrians and others, that the cart will need to move at a slower pace. Drivers will do their best to keep all parties safe and either find an alternate route or keep at the current pace. If class tardiness becomes habitual due to timing on the drivers end, inform the Program Manager so they can make adjustments to the pick up times and find a more efficient route.
  • If you have an issue with a driver(s) or fellow ride-share student(s), inform the Program Manager or Director of Veterans and Military Services.